Industry Solutions

What are we working on?

For our customers, from SMEs to large corporations, we review existing solutions, take a holistic new look at the status quo and develop software-based solutions using innovative approaches.

For automotive, public transport, construction and other industries.

What challenge are you currently facing? Together we can discover the potential that our cooperation has to offer.

Case 1

Cooperation platform (AUTOMOTIVE)

Our platform enables cooperation. For example, we link the technical developments of automotive groups by integrating them seamlessly into their IT landscapes based on our understanding of the various processes and systems of our customers.

The different technical terms and dependencies are translated by the platform and thereby enable a smooth cooperation.

Case 2

Production program forecast (AUTOMOTIVE)

We deliver forecasting software to create coherent vehicle production programs based on inconsistent market forecasts. This is possible.

Production and supply chain control, from process design and algorithms to web apps.

Case 3


We drive innovation. On behalf of the digitalization of the construction industry, we are developing a simplified app that intuitively improves key areas for everyone involved in the project:

communication, collaboration, transparency and information.

And that specifically addresses the daily challenges, processes and legal particularities of construction projects.

Case 4

We connect customers, OEMs, dealers and fleet managers in complex system environment. In a short period of time. Throughout the world. Using the latest technology.

Case 5

Duty roster optimization with Riles Shift Discovery (public transport)

Riles is “the only working duty roster calculator for mass transit.” Why do our customers say that? Because Riles takes into account every individual company rule, ensures employee-friendly shifts at the push of a button, and finds every possible optimization option for maximum efficiency.

Your strategic advantage for the next tender. Get the most out of your duty rosters.

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