Together we can create software-based industry solutions for your complex challenges – in a fast, evolutionary, innovative, holistic manner.

Working method

What makes us stand out?

COMPLEVO represents creativity, courage, solid foundations, and experience.

Our B2B customers of many years value our short delivery times and professionality, in addition to our pragmatism, authenticity, and innovative power. They describe us as committed, passionate, proactive, and creative. Often it is the simplicity of our approach that inspires.

Become part of our „embedded consulting” philosophy, in which we actively and with far-sight combine intelligent software development with innovative process design and integrated consulting.


Who is behind COMPLEVO?

Karsten Friedrich and Stefan Pillasch are the founders and managing directors at COMPLEVO.

The two industrial engineers, software developers in mechanical engineering, and business economists, base their know-how and comprehensive knowledge of the industry on years of experience as project leaders and consultants in the automotive environment. Finally, in 2011, they set up COMPLEVO GmbH in Berlin.

Today COMPLEVO is composed of a 50- member team of software development, UI/UX design, and mathematics experts who develop intelligent solutions in a skilled, quick, and accurate manner. This also applies to complex questions that no one else dares to address.

At COMPLEVO you can expect and demand sustainable, solid solutions – tailored to your individual needs.